Saturday, September 11, 2010

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

Hey guys!
So I attended the MAC Warehouse sale this morning! I woke up at 5 because I couldn't get back to sleep and left at 6:30 and got there for 7:30 and I was probably in the first 50-ish to get in..

so a little background on the sales:
It's an Estee Lauder and affiliated companies private sale, brands that are available at a CCO in the states are there but are usually even more discounted
Not just anyone can come. Tickets are given to Estee lauder employees and companies in the area of the sale that do work for EL.
Tickets are not meant to be sold but can be found on craigslist and kijiji for usually ridiculous prices. Beware of fakes.
It's held at Markham Fairgrounds just outside Toronto, ON Canada.
To the most of my knowledge, it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world.
I think there's something similar in NY but I have no idea about details.

I spent $298.32 before charity bags so $318.32 overall. My budget was $300 because I recently got paid for the worst summer of my life working and my grandparents came over and decided to give me some money for no real reason (school's starting, you need money etc.) And it sounds like a lot to spend in one go but the retail value of all the items easily makes it worth it.
I don't really wanna discuss prices; if you've been before you know what they are. If you really wanna know specifics comment below and I'll tell you :)I just don't wanna list the prices for everything off the bat because I'm too lazy :P

My total haul

My non-gift set MSFS

Refined MSF

Dark MSFN w/ shimmer

Comfort MSF

Petticoat MSF

Cheeky Bronze MSF

Brunette MSF

By Candlelight MSF

Redhead MSF

$3 Section

Swatches L to R: (Girls at Play,Stealing Kisses,Delicate Crush, Clinique Lightning Highlighter, Chillblue propan)

Charity Set!

Swatch of mineralize eyeshadow in Fresh and Easy

Swatches of Lipstick in Alibi, Chromaline eyeliner in Hi-def Cyan, Prolongwear marker in Modern Mocha

Free gift! Swatch of Family Silver Mineralize Eyeshadow

Lip products

Swatch of Lipstick in Lickable, All mine, Peachstock

Pink! Lip palette

Mac F&B in C7

Mineralize Gift Sets (Pinkzapoppin'! and Fun in The Sun)

Play on Plums eyeshadow swatch

Play on Plums eyeshadow

181 SE

Shimpagne MSF

Nuance Mineralize Blush

Love Connection eyeshadow swatch

Love Connection eyeshadow

Light Flush MSF

Dainty Mineralize Blush

I also picked up the Notoriety quad for a swap on MUA ut I already packaged it up before I took these pictures :)

Hope you enjoyed my haul! If you wanna do a charity pack swap, please comment below with what your pack has and where you can do meet ups:)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey guys..
Long time no post, I've been kind of MIA due to 2 family deaths in the past week and how emotionally draining my job is. I'm looking at getting my contract shortened because dealing with kids for 10 hours a day is tiring enough and then I come home and have a lot of funeral events to deal with. It's just too stressful to do both and keeping updates current on this blog has just been out of the question.
If they process my contract shortening I'll only be working for two more weeks instead of four which doesn't seem like that much of a shortening but I can't even think about doing two more weeks of it with my family issues.

Anyways, I've finally gotten a lot of my blog sale buys in the mail and I'll probably have pictures up tonight as well as some pictures of an item I got in a swap this week :) And I want to talk about some upcoming MAC and cosmetics show events and releases :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Sale Please Buy My Makeup!

Hey guys so I've been promising this for a while now and I've finally gotten everything sorted out. I wanted to do it in September but I figure I can just do another sale then and include items that don`t sell in that one...

1) Shipping in Canada to anywhere is very expensive. I cannot quote a price per order but before I invoice you I will go get an exact shipping cost and charge you 50 cents on top of that for packing materials. If you live in the GTA I would prefer to do meet ups to cut shipping costs for you and time for myself to get the quote. I can only do meet ups on weekends (unless you`re making a huge order) because I work 11 hours a day on weekdays and I have NO energy to meet up with you until I have a day off. For meet ups, paypal and cash are accepted. For shipping, paypal only.

2) I will do holds for up to 3 days. On the second day I will remind you via email and from then you have 24 hours to make a payment before I offer it for sale to anyone again. I will not put things on hold more than once per person.

3) I will try to honour priority by comment order, but if you do not respond with other arrangements or pay within 24 hours, I will give it to the next person.

4) Haggling on huge orders is allowed but I feel that the prices are very very very low compared to Ebay, Craigslist, Kijiji and other blog sales. Please be reasonable.

5) I am willing to ship anywhere but please note that as soon as the package leaves my hands, it is not my responsibility that it reaches your hands or that it arrives in the condition it has left in. All of these products are my backups. NONE of them have ever been used more than once. I personally went through each and every product to ensure that it is perfect before I listed it.
I am not running a business here, I’m just selling my backups. No refunds or exchanges will be offered. I will keep all proof of shipping. Canada Post is generally very reliable and anywhere in Canada I can get a large bubble mailer and fill it up with insurance up to $1000 for a flat fee of $10 with padded envelope included. Within Canada for large orders, I recommend this.
If you need your package marked as a gift with a value of under $20 I will do this because after that value in Canada we are gouged taxes upon arrival of items and I want you to get the lowest possible shipping price.

OKAY I think that's about it. If you have any questions, comment below with the items you want, your paypal address and your email I can reach you at and I will answer as soon as I can. Shop away and have fun!

L'oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Dye in F Medium Brown
$3 each
Makeupalley reviews:

Faux Leather 24 piece brush roll

BNIB MAC Devoted Poppy: 6 Classic Eyes Palette
Contains: Sweet Eyes (Satin), Young Thing (Satin), Amorously (Satin), Awaken (Frost), In Awe (Veluxe Pearl), Fall Deeply (Frost)

MAC Disc Sponge/2
Dry Manicure polishes- just press on with warm fingers! Get for travel because they can be brought in carry on baggage because they arent liquid or put in luggage because they won't leak in transit!
Colours from left to right: Fushia, Red, Tea Rose, Mauve
0.75 each or $2.50 for all

Sugar Kiss by ELF lip glosses All BN except the peach colour which was swatch once
$0.25 each or $0.75 for all four

BN (sealed) Quo Total Perfection Mineral Powder in Tan
$4 each
LOVE as seen in my June Fav Post, just overpurchased.
Quo Tinted Blotting Powder BN w/ removable mirror protecter sticker still on

BNIB 2 MAC shadows in Haunting (a gorgeous tiffany blue colour)

BN Sets of 12 East Girl eyeliners (only available in Singapore and some parts of Asia)
Buy one for $0.50 each
or buy one whole set of 12 for $5 and receive it in a cute mini makeup bag!
Amazing pigmentation, will post swatches from my own set upon request.
Great for having a large range of colours to try out!

Pure By Carlo Di Roma Barcelona (no longer sold in Canada) Adaptive Makeup in
Golden Sand (around NC 35)BN
Beige (around NC 30) pumped once
$7 each (retails for around $30)
Pure by Carlo di Roma Long Lasting Makeup in
Shade 5 (around NC 37)
3 BNIB one BN (it looks dirty but that is the reflection from the packaging)
$6 each (retail for around $25)
Benefit Some- Kinda- Gorgeous Foundation Faker in One Shade Fits most
Swatched 1x in a corner, looks BN

All Styli- Style Eyeliners, Lipliners $2 each, discount for buying more than one
First picture top to bottom
Waterproof pencils in:
Blue (2)
Green (3)
Brown (3)

Flat Pencils:
Tokyo (2)
Thick and thin pencils (similar to mac shade sticks)

Eyebrow Pencils
Auburn (used once, never sharpened)
Line & Seal 24 Hour Pencils
Forest (2)
Glitter Lid Liner
Glittering Blue (2)
Line & Seal 24 Hour Pencil
Smokey Quartz

Line & Seal 24 Hour
Sand (2)
Flat Lipliners
Carnby St.
Soho (2)
Thick and Thin Lipliners

Lipsticks $5 each or all for $18
Clinique Lipstick in Tenderheart Swatched 1x
Styli- Style Timeless Lipstick BN in Diamonds
BN Modele Lipsticks:

BNIB Rimmel Eye Magnifier Mascara in Black
BN Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black
BN Mini Benefit RSVP creaseless cream shadow
Twilight Lip Venom Swatched 1x
The Body Shop Peach Cheek Blush Swatched 1x

Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers $1.25 each
BN Raspberry Splash
Swatched 1x Plum Splash
BN Guava Splash
Covergirl Wetslicks $1 each (used 1-2x)
Pink Sequin

BNIB Mac Lip glosses
MAC Lipglass in Pret-a- Papier SWAPPED
MAC Lustreglass in Lustrewhite
$8 each