Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicago Victoria's Secret Presents

My mom and dad went away for the weekend for my mom's conference in Chicago and my dad just came home (they're coming home on different days because of work schedule) and brought home some presents my mom had got for me from Victoria's Secret. Most of the stuff we have in Canada but my mom likes a good sale so got me:

1) Pretty in Pink Body Mist
2) Pretty in Pink Bath and Shower Cream
3) Appletini Body Souffle
4) Enchanted Aooke Body Butter (
I loooove things that smell like apple.. I`m obsessed)
5)A bonus with purchase:
Sample of John Freida Brilliant Brunette liquid shine Illuminating Shampoo which is actually really hard to find in Canada. (not the regular formulation, the liquid shine illuminating formulation)

And that`s what I got `from my dad` from Chicago :)


  1. aww. how sweet. my parents never buy me things like these.

    50% of ELF minerals. i really wanna get some of their lipsticks

  2. lol my mom and I are both shopping addicts.. she`s the one who I brought to the warehouse sale with me this month :)

    stop tempting meeee those lipsticks look gorgeous :(

  3. i wish my mom was a shopping addict. my mom is workaholic instead haha.
    one day... one day all those mineral lipsticks will be mine =P

  4. lol enablers unite!
    I'm hitting up the sallys near my house todayyyy :)
    wait until they come to zellers in the fall! I'm so excited to not have to worry about shipping times :)

  5. its still gonna cost more. at winners, they sell things for 2-3 times the website price. so. i'd rather wait for a really good promotion sale to stock up, which i had done for studio line when they had 60% off like 2 months ago.

  6. true true but Zellers usually has sales while Winners only puts stuff on clearance after a long time of sitting on the shelf so I think I'm gonna wait for fall and see what the prices and selection are before I place an order :) Did you make your blog invitation only?

  7. yeah, i guess i did but i put it back. i do want to limit my blog. i dont want it showing up on search engines.

    zellers is so expensive for makeup :( lol