Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love "Presents" in the Mail

So I just went to my mailbox and got my Ebay haul from a while ago. Like I won it 30 days ago and paid by E-cheque so it took forevvvver to come here but I love this seller (thehouseofmanypurrs) because she always includes extras :)
So this is what I got:

So the majority of the stuff I got isn't readily available in Canada so I'l super excited to try these out!
1) 2 Tubes of Almay Pure Blends Foundation in Beige.
These were in a lot from this seller for like $3 for the two of them so I picked them up because I've seen this foundation in stores and never purchased it because of the price tag is a little high for something that I predict is going to work like a tinted moisterizer at a drugstore.
It smells lovely and apparently it's over 95% natural, which seems nice :)
It's strange that it says frangrance free because my tubes have this amazing smell to them.. like tea :)
AHA! They're actually two different formulations. One has SPF and a scent and the other doesn't. Mystery solved! Not a good match for right now but I'll mix them with my Black Radiance until I can use the Balck Radiance by itself at the end of the summer.
2) Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Liquid Makeup SPF 20 in Natural Beige
So this comes with a brush head on top which I'm not to fond of and the foundation smells like sunscreen a little and is a bit sheer for my liking BUT it makes my skin feel really really soft to the touch and has a nice cooling effect on my face :)
Sooo I'd probably wear this one for like a day at the beach or if I was going for a swim. I could easily just apply the foundation from the brush to my hand and then use a concealer.
3) Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Powder Foundation in Classic Beige
I haven't seen this in drugstores in Canada and i looove powders with the built-in puff ontop because it always gives me and even coverage ontop of liquid foundation :) Sooo super excited to try this. :)

4) FREE GIFT! YAAAAY Black Opal Lipgloss Duo in Sugar Plum. Nice dark plum colour and white/clear sparkly lipgloss on the other side :) Can't complain about a free gift :)

Bonus pictures of the ADORABLE Quo tweezers I got at Shoppers on sale from $8.00 to $2.00 :)

They have pictures of little ladies on them in dresses.. sooo cute :) There were also ones with shoes and bags but I thought these ones were the cutest and the tension in the grip is amazing :)

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