Friday, July 2, 2010

June Favourites :)

Hey guys!
So this is my first Favourites post! I'll include pictures and price estimates along with reasons that I'm loving each product :)

1) L'oreal Feel Naturale Light Softening Blush in Charmed Peach 288 (purchased for around $2 in a blog sale retails for $8)
I love peach blushes and I use this one EVERY DAY. I love them way my cheeks feel when I put this on. It adds a velvety finish to my cheeks and I feel doesnt sink into my massive pores on my cheeks like NARS blushes do.

2) Quo total perfection mineral powder in Tan/ Transluscent (purchased for $5 each retails of around $15- $20)
I'm not too picky about my powders because I find that, if something is a good colour match, I'll like the products because most formulas perform pretty well on my skin. I like how this has the cushion puff top which means that it saves room in my makeup bag because I don't need to bring a powder brush. These were a good price and a picked up 4 in Tan and 1 transluscent because of the very low sale price :) I'm about half done my one in Tan and it's part of my project 10 pan and one or two of the unused backups in Tan will most likely appear on my blog sale in September just because I wanna possibily make the switch to MAC MSFN rather than other powders :)
Oh and I use mineral foundations as setting powders which is probably horrible or something but I don't find a difference between setting powders and powder foundation and the foundations provide extra coverage which is a-okay in my books.

3) Red Earth Hollywood Shine Premium Lipgloss is Honey Moon (received free, retails for around 10- 15 I believe? It is no longer sold in Canada as of Summer 2009)
Okay so the story behind getting this lipgloss for free: I went to Shoppers in February with my boyfriend at the time and saw that they still had some Red Earth stuff so long after it being discontinued in Canada for pretty good prices so I picked up a coloured mascara for like $3, two lipsticks (one is a dupe for Bubbles by MAC and the other is a dark taupey brown) for arounf $3 each and the lipgloss. When I'm paying for the stuff, the cashier successfully scans all of the items except the lipgloss. There was a problem with the barcode or something. I tell him that I think the sticker on the table right outside the store might have the barcode and I could go get it for him and he says "well my rule is, if it doesn't have a price it's free" which was super nice of him even if it only saved me a couple bucks. ANYWAYS. I love the colour of this gloss. It's a cool toned baby pink and the formulation isn't sticky at all :) This is also part of my project 10 pan

4)NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink ($4)
I just bought this I think either at the beginning of June or end of May because I had read so many reviews on makeupalley and I like to use creme blushes as bases for my powder blushes because I find that the colour just magically disappears with me with powder blushes in a matter of 45 minutes to 2 hours and bases help them stay for around 4 to 5 hours on me :) It's a lovely peach colour and it's also nice as a lipcolor applied over lipbalm and under a gloss for the low retail price, I would recommend it to anyone who likes creme blushes or who has issues with powder blushes staying power when used alone.

5)EOS Lipbalm in Vanilla (Purchased for $1, retails for around $4 and is not widely found in Canada yet)
So I found this guy at my HG shoopers for $1 on clearance I suppose because the packaging had some water damage around the sides. But the product itself is great and I love how thick the balm itself is. It's really good when I'm on the go because it just takes one swipe and I've covered both lips. The scent is lovely aswell. Light and not overpowering but still pleasant.

6)Sally Hansen natural beauty by Carmindy Ultra Soothing Lip Tint in Guava (Purchased for $2 retails for around $6 and is only sold in the US by major retailers)
I purchased this and a bunch of other SH by Carmindy products at my local Dollarama for very cheap and the products are good quality. I like the sheer red colour I get with this and it has a strange consistency that I like.. it's more of a jely than a gloss.

7) Benefit Bad Gal Smoldering black Eye Pencil (I'm about 90% sure mine is a fake, purchased in ebay lot for around $5 for the pencil, authentic retails for $20)
Since I've been so busy at work, I like to use this pencil all over my lid and then blend out and use a brow highlight to do a 2 minute smokey eye to go from work to staff event or evening dinner in the summer because it's so fast and can easily fit in my makeup bag rather than have an eyeliner, 2 or 3 shadows and a bunch of brushes. This is very very creamy and requires a base underneath to prevent creasing.

8) MAC Plush Lash Mascara in Black (purchased from trusted ebay seller in lot, value per item around $3, retails for $15.50)
I really like this mascara for everyday because it has a lot of volume and a good amount of length to it without clumping. Very good for the price but I'm not sure if I would repurchase at $16 plus taxes.

9) Fresh Firebird Mascara (purchased in a lot on craigslist from makeup artist editing her kit for a value of about $2 per item, mine is sample sized, full size retails for $26)
I love love love this mascara for length. It's actually amazing. No clumping. Beautifully seperates. I use it with a volumizing mascara after for the false lash look when I'm going out.

10) Boots No7 Maximum Volume Waterproof Mascara in Black (purchased for $3, retails for around $10?)
I need this mascara for work but it's so much more than a waterproof mascara. It adds amazing volume and length which holds up through 6 hours of teaching a day. I just wouldn't use this after work because I feel like waterproof mascara is too harsh for everyday use on my lashes :)


  1. Great favorites of the month, Katie ! I did my favorites in the middle of the month since I knew there wasn't going to be anything new for the rest of the month haha. I should also get into the habit of taking pictures of the favorite items as well....I have no patience to take pictures of them one by one haha...i will try i will try ;)

    I have yet to try NYC Blush Creme...ahhh everybody is talking about it and I keep trying to keep my money even though this stuff ain't that expensive !!! lol. Also BAD GAL...benefit's expensive :( I really wanna collect some of their products but when I saw the blushes/bronzers prices, I was like O_O day...

    don't you need tickets for IMATS ? =\ omg I would LOVE to go but I can't guarantee it right now haha.

    I cant find the blogsales for Mario Badescu :(

  2. I buy all my Benefit from this lady from Ebay that I do meetups with and I know is a really honest person and I know her products are authentic for really low prices

    And IMATS tickets bought in advance online are only 28 bucks a day or 47 for two days.. 40 bucks for one day at the door and i think like 70 for both days.. so it's not horrible. I wanna go more for the experience and MUFE Bobbi Brown and Smashbox are 40 percent off... no big deal lmao

    and I'll find some for you and email them to you

  3. @katie - haha. OMG sweet. so it's in TORONTO in november !!!! o m g LOLLL. did you buy the ticket yet ??? i would only go for one day though, either saturday or sunday :)

  4. Awww yeaaaah
    I haven't bought my ticket yet cause I'm still on the fence about it being so close to the next MAC sale.
    I wouldn't go for more than one day for sure.. too much of an overload and it's still a mission down at the ex.
    But still I totally wanna go for the experience and I've heard a lot of amazing things about the one that was just in California (hello free stuff) and if you went too we could totally go and enable eachother hahaha

  5. LOLLLLL. let me know when you're gonna get the tickets. im down for it.
    im also scared that i will go so broke after the next mac warehouse sale o m gaaahh lollll.

  6. oh man I've already started making a plan for this sale.. do you know what weekend it might be on? it's either the weekend of the 3rd or the 10th I guess

  7. it should be like first weekend of the month ? no clue.
    my friend is currently working for the warehouse packaging stuff. So I hope she can get some tickets hehe

  8. True and yooo let me know when you get tickets/ if you can get extras to sell...
    It feels like it's so close but it's still pretty much two months away lmao and it's only been a month since the last sale and I feel like I've had the stuff from the sale for some time lmao
    But with Venemous Villians coming out also in September and IMATS in November it looks like I'm gonna be broke this fall

  9. HOLY SHIT !! hahhaa ur rightttt villians come out september !!! O M G we are gonna be bankrupt. my friend was packaging the stuff for that collection already...but its hard for her to describe how the colors look. soo im excited

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  11. The only thing I know I have to get is the Evil Queen Satin Finish Lipstick in Toxic Tale... the other colours don't seem like I have to have them but the packaging is amazing... we will see in late august when swatches come out :P