Monday, June 21, 2010

My Current Nail Polish Collection

So I'm pretty sure I'm one of those people that like the idea of something more than actually using it. For example, I love nailpolish but I suck at painting my nails and and can't stop biting them for the life of me. So most of these nailpolishes I don't really use except for the odd occasion when I can apply them without failing horribly.
I really enjoy my Nicole by OPI. The names are adorable and I find that the quality is almost on par with OPI for usually way cheaper. Plus this seems to always be on sale which is a major plus. I don't think I ever paid full price on any of my more expensive nailpolishes :P

Okay so without further delay, these are my OPI and Nicole Polishes:

These are my random other "nicer" nailpolishes

And these are some random drugstore polishes and a Zoya that I love the colour in the bottle but not on my nails :(

And more random low end polishes :)

See? So not that much :) But then again I hate painting my nails so I guess it is a lot :(

Post coming soon: my depotting adventure with my MAC shadows, when I can drag my butt to MAC to get freeeee stuffff and my finished 15 pan palette and my not-so-pretty non-MAC depot palette.


  1. looking forward to see the depotted eyeshadows in the palette !!! i dont like putting things in palettes. it's a lazy thing, i just want to grab the color i want to use without having to open the palette and take the time to pick a color ! lol.

    you have so many nail polishes that i have never heard of or seen before. i like your nichole by opi collection =) im not a fan of dark nail polishes.

  2. I was really against putting my shadows in the mac palette until they REALLY started to be a pain to dig though my single eyshadows box to find a specific colour. Plus I love free stuff so the bac to mac-ing is always a motivater. :)
    any suggestions as to what i should get? I can get 2 back to macs /: Not sure what I want

    Slash I love how you're my only follower hahaha and the only one my blog posts are for so far :)

  3. i put my mac eyeshadow in their boxes with the names facing up, so i know which is which :) i had depotted one mac eyeshadow before and it was almost a total fail, i almost cracked the whole pan. now i just have it in my annabelle custom quad, it cant even be removed out of it lol, gonna be stuck there forever. the glue got stuck at the bottom, so if i try to dig it out, the whole eyeshadow will crack =( that's why i dont do it again.

    as for back to mac, get an eyeshadow color that you normally wouldn't wear (but not the ugly ones like green) and also a lipstick that is wearable for the summer :) its up to you.

    im sure you can get some followers by commenting on their posts :)