Sunday, June 20, 2010

Small haul at PharmaPlus

Hey guys!
So I took a break today by heading out to my local PharmaPlus
(having three and two Shoppers within walking distance is so dangerous)
and I thought I would just share some random stuff I picked up

I purchased:
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Pure Beige (Medium 2) because it looks like they're discontinuing it. The prices were all slashed down to $3.50 or something. So I picked up this shade for winter/ fall because I'd already bought Honey the previous week at the same price for summer. (I buy a lot of foundations, I'll post a thing on my collection/ makeup storage soon/ when I have time to re-take some updated photos)
Nicole by OPI Holiday nail polish in Bonfired Up! I'm such a sucker for reds and my Pharmaplus recently has been having the holiday Nicole polishes for $5.95 (perm. line is usually $9.99) and two weeks ago I got a coupon for $2.00 off OPI and Nicole so I bought a bunch then. This color is like a basic, perfect red. I was debating between this one and another but the other was this goldy, sheer colour that was kind of a dupe for one of my MAC polishes that I NEVER use /:

And finally my fav BAN scent was on sale and summer is here
soooo I thought I'd share that LMAO

That's all for now guys!


  1. did i inspire you ? LOLLLLLLLL.. JOKES !!!
    so happy you started a blog ! seeeee ? first post and it was already fun wasnt it ? =P
    how did you get a $2 OPI coupon ? =\

  2. Obvioussssly you did hahaha
    and I randomly thought of a bunch of stuff to write about and I go makeup shopping way too oftem sooo I'll probably be posting a lot :P
    And the coupon was a thing maybe two weeks ago?
    Pharmaplus mailed out this coupon book (I'm not sure if the coupons are still valid) and inside was $2.00 their Nicole and OPI products and when the holiday stuff was already 5.95 I scored OPI "Girls just want to play" for 3.95 and it's amazzzzing. If I can find the coupon book and it's still valid I may go a little crazy and pick up the rest of the Holiday colours XD

  3. coupon book ? OH i think i know now. i never really think the coupons they give out once in awhile makes it any cheaper to shop there than anywhere else.

    ps - you look so pretty in your profile picture !

  4. Yeah I don't think those usually make a difference but that was a particularly good coupon on items that were already on sale :) and thanks! I try out a lot of different brands from smaller boutiques and perfume stores :)

    And thanks so much <3 Oh god my dad just came back from Chicago with a bunch of VS Beauty Products like just walked in the doot But I'm not down to do three blog posts in one day so I'll save the pics for tomorrow!
    Thanks for all the support with my blog! <33