Friday, July 2, 2010

Finishing Products!

My stash is quickly getting out of hand and I can see myself already outgrowing the storage system I purchased in January :(
Soooo I decided to do a "project 10 pan" with around 20 items that I'm VERY close to finishing before I purchase anything else Beauty Related (this of course excludes the blog sale stuff that I have coming in the mail because it's already been purchased)
I've put all the stuff in my Coach sandals shoe box so that I can use it on heavy rotation. I hope to be done all/most of these by the end of the summer but I don't know if I could go on a no- buy for the next two months :(
I suppose it would be good timing because right when I expect to finish the products, the next MAC warehouse sale is going to be going on and I can haul again.
For me, I really need to downsize my stash but I hate letting go of my stuff :(
I currently have a drawer of backups of stuff I know that I'll never finish so if I can keep up this blogging business up so I'm planning a big blog sale because I really wanna get rid of a lot of my stash :)

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