Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nail Polish Haul

Hey Lovely Ladies!
I'm so happy that Spain won the world cup, let me just get that out of the way :D

So during half time I went to Pharma Plus and they are, once again having the $2 off OPI coupon so I picked up 3 holiday colours because they were, with the coupon, just under 4 bucks each.

I picked up:
Cosy Red Rosey
Mulberry Magic
It's Gold Outside

They're all really lovely colours and I'm really happy that I was able to pick them up for such a good price :) But unfortunately I had to deal with the cashier. She was just ANALYSING the bottles and didn't wanna give me the discount. The coupon clearly says that it's $2 off Nicole by OPI and Sally Hansen Nail polishes. She actually like paged her manager down even though the big plastic container of the holiday polishes had the promotional discount sticker on it over the original price. So a little trip to Pharma wound up taking FOREVER when I knew I was right and I told her that the box had the sticker on it and I had to get back to the game /:

ANYWAYS! That's all for now before the busy work week I have coming up..
But I'm expecting a blog sale package in the mail,
an Echeque for another blog sale is supposed to clear on Tuesday
so I might be receiving that package as well before the weekend
(probably not though, it'll be a midweek post next week)
and I'm mailing out my half of a swap package tomorrow evening
so next week I should be getting her end :)


  1. Those look like great colors!
    I am sorry to hear that you had to have a bad cashier experience.

  2. Thanks and it's okay I guess she was just making sure she didn't get in trouble or anything at work but if the sticker is on the place I got it from I don't think she needs to check with her boss and waste everyone in line's time :P

  3. Yeah I have run into people like that before, annoying but they do their job throughly!

  4. Yeah, I used to be a cashier and I got yelled at a lot for stuff like that, I'm over it but I really wanted to get back to the game :P