Saturday, September 11, 2010

MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

Hey guys!
So I attended the MAC Warehouse sale this morning! I woke up at 5 because I couldn't get back to sleep and left at 6:30 and got there for 7:30 and I was probably in the first 50-ish to get in..

so a little background on the sales:
It's an Estee Lauder and affiliated companies private sale, brands that are available at a CCO in the states are there but are usually even more discounted
Not just anyone can come. Tickets are given to Estee lauder employees and companies in the area of the sale that do work for EL.
Tickets are not meant to be sold but can be found on craigslist and kijiji for usually ridiculous prices. Beware of fakes.
It's held at Markham Fairgrounds just outside Toronto, ON Canada.
To the most of my knowledge, it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world.
I think there's something similar in NY but I have no idea about details.

I spent $298.32 before charity bags so $318.32 overall. My budget was $300 because I recently got paid for the worst summer of my life working and my grandparents came over and decided to give me some money for no real reason (school's starting, you need money etc.) And it sounds like a lot to spend in one go but the retail value of all the items easily makes it worth it.
I don't really wanna discuss prices; if you've been before you know what they are. If you really wanna know specifics comment below and I'll tell you :)I just don't wanna list the prices for everything off the bat because I'm too lazy :P

My total haul

My non-gift set MSFS

Refined MSF

Dark MSFN w/ shimmer

Comfort MSF

Petticoat MSF

Cheeky Bronze MSF

Brunette MSF

By Candlelight MSF

Redhead MSF

$3 Section

Swatches L to R: (Girls at Play,Stealing Kisses,Delicate Crush, Clinique Lightning Highlighter, Chillblue propan)

Charity Set!

Swatch of mineralize eyeshadow in Fresh and Easy

Swatches of Lipstick in Alibi, Chromaline eyeliner in Hi-def Cyan, Prolongwear marker in Modern Mocha

Free gift! Swatch of Family Silver Mineralize Eyeshadow

Lip products

Swatch of Lipstick in Lickable, All mine, Peachstock

Pink! Lip palette

Mac F&B in C7

Mineralize Gift Sets (Pinkzapoppin'! and Fun in The Sun)

Play on Plums eyeshadow swatch

Play on Plums eyeshadow

181 SE

Shimpagne MSF

Nuance Mineralize Blush

Love Connection eyeshadow swatch

Love Connection eyeshadow

Light Flush MSF

Dainty Mineralize Blush

I also picked up the Notoriety quad for a swap on MUA ut I already packaged it up before I took these pictures :)

Hope you enjoyed my haul! If you wanna do a charity pack swap, please comment below with what your pack has and where you can do meet ups:)


  1. OMG PEACHSTOCK LIPSTICK !!!!!! i hope that will be there !!!!
    wow you did get a lot of msfs ! lol!!! great msf haul though !!! definitely a huge msf collection in a matter of minutes =D

  2. Yeah it's reaaaally pretty... I was shocked that they had Liberty of London there already! And Spring Forecast! They even had The Grape and Beige Blush ombres there! The beige one sold out before I could get one though :(
    And yeah I fell in love with MSFs between June and now so I held out on buying any at retail cause of the sale :)
    Ahhh I just realized that you just got into the sale right noooow! There's sooo many different charity bags circling around, it's insane so you shouldn't have the problem of having too many of the same kind this time around :)

  3. Lucky that you got the Face&Body Foundation! My shade was gone 10 minutes after I got in the foundation line. Urgh!!!

    You're so lucky that you got the In the Groove MES. Did you get some extra one that maybe we can swap? I got two version:
    - Melon pigment, Aqua eyeshadow, Gentle Simmer Slimshine, and Select Sheer Loose Powder NW15
    - Process Magenta Chromaline, Roman Holiday Dazzleglass, Gentle Simmer Slimshine, and Gee Whiz Nail Polish :)


  4. Yeah.. I tan to about NC47 in the summer but wear NC35 in the winter so I can pretty much pick up any shade in the range so that probably helped lmao!
    And I'm sorry but I've just gotten my last swap organized! I'm actually doing my last swap tomorrow with Winnie!
    Good luck on your swap search though!

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